Introducing Quic-Check® System as a Service

Crosby has once again revolutionized the inspection and identification process with the release of Crosby QUIC-CHECK® Version 4. The system has been completely redesigned to streamline field processes while collecting valuable product information during every step of the process. A mobile application, compatible with both iOS and Android™ platforms, allows use of devices you may already own, reducing your cost of entry.



QUIC-CHECK® uses iOS/Android phones and tablets as your mobile device when out in the field conducting inspections. When paired wirelessly with a Bluetooth RFID pen reader, your phone can become even more productive than it is already. QUIC-CHECK® has been tested and certified with all current iPhones, iPads, Android™ phones and Android™ tablets.


Whether on your phone or web browser, you will be able to see at a glance what’s important to you. Upcoming inspections, recent transactions, overdue inspections and additional dashboards are displayed in real time.


Your data is available upon demand. Crosby QUIC-CHECK® uses secure technology to store your data in a cloud server. Always up to date, you don’t need to connect your mobile device to your PC to sync it…if you’re connected to the web, it is updated in real time. Temporarily without internet connectivity, or worried about data usage? No problem with QUIC-CHECK® as it can be configured to transmit data to the cloud only